Jaroslav Konvička
06.02.2024 00:36

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Inflation is a fundamental economic concept that is essential to understand for any investor. In this lesson, Jaroslav Konvička, the instructor of the Investment English course, will explain what the term „Inflation“ means and how to use it correctly.

The Investment English course, created by Jaroslav Konvička, serves as an English-Czech video glossary of the most commonly used terms in the fields of stock markets, macroeconomics, and cryptocurrency.

If you are planning to invest your money, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the English terms that are frequently used nowadays. The „Investment English“ course will teach you how to use investment-related terms properly, ensuring that you possess the necessary knowledge for successful investing.

Throughout the course, you will learn:

– The meanings of individual English terms
– How to correctly use investment terminology
– How cryptocurrency wallets function
– How to practice trading using a virtual portfolio

Each lesson consists of two parts. In the first part, Jaroslav Konvička will explain the specific terms in detail. In the second part, he will demonstrate their usage in carefully selected English sentences, adapted to help you understand their practical application and deeper implications.

Additionally, you will find out about concepts such as stock splits, buybacks, and the functioning of cryptocurrency wallets. In the last lesson, the instructor will visually guide you through the process of purchasing stocks in a virtual portfolio, offering you a valuable opportunity to practice investment skills. You can find the link to the virtual portfolio in the description of the final video.

By enrolling in the „Investment English“ course, you will gain the necessary language skills and understanding to confidently navigate the world of investments.

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